Fly Fishing From The Ground Up – Video Series

If you have read many or even any of my articles you know that fly fishing is a passion of mine. I am only passionate about a few things in life; time was when all I thought about was pheasant hunting but as each year comes and goes I have found that it is a long ways to Rainbow trout caught fly fishinggood pheasant hunting and an entire day behind a few bird dogs, while enjoyable, is hard on the body. Fly fishing for me has evolved into a rare combination of art and science that gives me the chance to place my stamp on how I get it done…from the rod and reel to my own version of various flies that I take great pride in tying so that they closely resemble the prey that is floating and swimming around in our lakes and streams. This has led me to try and involve others in a sport that has given me so much.

I have posted a video series that I think many of you may find interesting. If you are a complete novice or an experienced fly caster, it is my hope that this series will answer some questions and make it easier to become active…taking advantage of the many waterways that we have to offer here in southern Indiana and doing so with a fly-rod in your hand.

  1. The first video is the ground portion, about wading boots … what to buy, why to buy and where to buy along with some insight on the future with wading boots. If you don’t know there is a controversy brewing in the fly fishing world…many states are in the process (and a few have already) of banning felt wading boots. Missouri was one of the first states where felt wading boots are not be allowed in the waters of the state. If you log on you can find out about this and more of the do’s and don’ts of wading boots.
  2. Our second video will focus in on waders themselves…from neoprene to breathables. What works and what might be left on the rack of the sporting goods store. We will look at many of the latest models along with some of the technology involved in staying dry… this past week I was fishing in 41 degree water; staying dry is of the utmost of importance.
  3. Video 3 is and will always be an important one; wading belts and safety while fly fishing. Every year I read about fishermen who die while on the river and this is always a sad situation. There is obviously some hazard in wading but with some helpful tips and a good wading belt…you can feel much safer while pursuing a lunker.
  4. Video number 4 will focus on a favorite of mine; fishing vests. If you have ever crossed a fly fisherman you can tell a lot about the person by his fishing vest. We will look at a few models along with the use of fishing packs, fanny packs and something I use quite often, a lanyard. It may seem un-important but a fishing vest is my tackle box and once I leave on a long day I have to have with me all I may need for sometimes seven or eight hours.
  5. Jackets, rain gear and clothing is the topic of video 5. There is so much out there on the market to choose from and aside from making a fashion statement what you have with you is vitally important. Sometimes it is just staying dry while other times throughout the year it is crucial to both stay dry and cool.
  6. Our final video, 6th in the series, addresses hats, gloves and stripping guides. All of these items become very important at various times through the many seasons of wet, hot, cold, etc…if you are a red-head like me …. like I used to be, then the proper hat and protection is vital.

It is my hope that these videos will help you toward making each day of fly fishing an enjoyable adventure. If you have ever tied the fly, made the cast and landed a trophy fish you will know how exciting and rewarding the sport of fly fishing can be. One of my favorite quotes speaks to the very reason I fly fish; it says, “The reason I fly fish for trout is because they live in such beautiful places,” author unknown.  Come join me this year as we all Enjoy the Great Outdoors.

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