Boots & Glue Product Reviews and Some Big News

Product Reviews

If you have been looking for a lightweight boot that you can wear on the water that will give you support and traction, then look no further than the NRS Wet Shoe Work Boots. At $79.95 they are an incredible boot that comes with its own neoprene liner. These boots will give you great support as well as some darn good traction on those slippery rocks.

I have been using my pair the past month on several streams and have had nothing but success. Not having a big pair of wading boots on, with all of their weight, has been very nice. I also like the fact that these boots will accommodate my kick fins and allow me to quickly put on and then remove the kick fins for those sections of water that are a bit slower … kick fins make it nice to move about and position yourself for a cast.

NRS also makes a great glue that I have used a lot of recently while patching my Creek Company, Voyager. The product number is LA4123 and is a repair cement for urethane and PVC boats. A 4 oz. can cost around $25 … but is worth every penny as it quickly sets up and dries to a flexible state.

Some Big News

Lastly, my big news; most of you know that I recently (May 2020) retired from teaching after 35 years. My wife and I love the northwest corner of Wisconsin and we have (soon will be) purchased a property just a few miles from the St. Croix River. I am looking at possibly starting some guiding this upcoming year of 2021 on the St. Croix, Namekagon and a few other bodies of water. This is very exciting for me and I am in hopes that I can share some of these stunning places with those of you who have been following me here at Fly Fishing With Jeff.

There will be more info on the guide service coming in the future … so, hold on and let’s all have a safe and productive 2020! If you have any comments you can do so by leaving those at the bottom of this page or you can reach out to me at

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