Switch Rod – A New Trick for an Old Dog

I am not sure how many of you out there have ever tried to spey or switch casts? It has been on my mind for a couple years now. As I get closer to retirement I am giving more and more thought to fly fishing the many places that are on my list. Some of these places are going to require long cast and sometimes with little or no back-casting room.

The solution…a spey or switch rod. In my case a 12 or 13 foot rod just didn’t seem practical, so I went somewhere in the middle; a switch rod. In my case I bought a 10′ 6″-6 weight LSI switch rod from Cabela’s..

The next purchase was a reel and I went with the Sage 3280. It has a large, 4″ arbor. When buying a reel for switch or spey lines you should go up two sizes and thus I bought their 3280 which is an 8 weight reel.

Last piece of the puzzle was the line. I bought RIO┬«’s Switch Chukker line in 6 weight. I love the look of the rod/reel.

To date I have had one-one hour practice session and the results are varied…but the rod and line are awesome and I can’t wait to move forward and get better. So….stay with me over the next couple months and I will report back on my progression in casting this big old rod!
Switch Rod, Reel & Line

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