Fly Tying – How To Tie A Sugar Creek Minnow


Fly guys….this is a video of me tying what I will call my Sugar Creek Minnow. I have made this video due to several requests after watching my last video… An Epic Day on Sugar Creek. This pattern is not too tough and can be made in a variety of colors…however, the one I find I do the best with is the silver/shad color combination as shown. This fly can be fished a wide variety of ways…I like to fish it under my type 1 sink tip line as I can swim it in front of and behind boulders, cover, etc….In the summer when the water is low and clear…I like to fish it with a floating line, making long casts into pools and just allowing the fly to ‘dead-drift’ into the ‘death-zone’…the spot by which big predatory smallies lurk and wait to crush a meal. So, give it a try and I think you will learn that this is a go-to pattern.


    • Bill
    • May 29, 2016

    I enjoy your posts, whether about your fishing trips or fly tying or fishing tips. I want to give fly fishing a try, but haven’t gotten that far, yet. My father and uncle were fly fishermen and I learned to tie flies when I was a kid, many years ago. Life and other things got in the way of fishing, but I have reached a point where I hope to be able to do more of the things that I would like to do. I’ve fished for Bass and Panfish, but never with flies. Most of my fishing friends are powerboat fishermen, but I’d like to go the human powered route.

    One thing that would really help me out would be a list of materials in the posts accompanying your fly tying videos. As it is, I have to jump around the video trying to make a list of the materials that you used.

    Thanks for taking the time to make the videos and posts.

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