Videos – Crème Wooly Bugger (Trout Candy)

How To Tie The Crème Wooly Bugger

The two videos that are posted here go together…the first one is me tying the crème wooly bugger (trout candy). It is a very simple fly to tie and can be tied in various sizes….I usually tie it in 6, 8 or 10. I also make adjustments in weight from no weight down to an inch of lead behind a beadhead; you can make these adjustments with the fly as they pertain to the water color and the depth the fly is needed. I also tie the fly in three basic colors; crème, olive and black. It seems that these three take care of most of my needs and various stream conditions. So, watch the video and give this simple, yet effective fly a try the next time you are on the stream.

How To Fish The Crème Wooly Bugger (Trout Candy)

The trout candy video was taken by using my I-Kam Extreme glasses while fishing at Bennet Spring State Park…just west of Lebanon, Missouri. I wanted you to  see how using a weighted or sink tip line is done…as you watch you can see what type of cast I make (downstream at 45 degrees) and listen for the rhythm of my stripping to get an idea of how and how often to strip. Also….on the cast that I catch a rainbow…pay attention to the strip set, a move that you need to perfect as you won’t be able to lift a sinking line out of the water quickly enough to successfully hook a fish…and if you do lift your rod, you will only get one chance at the fish because you will have moved the fly too far for a second chance attack and this happens on about 50% of my hook-ups. So…give the video a look and excuse the wind as it was a windy, March day; the video will give you a good idea of how to fish the crème wooly (trout candy).

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