Video – Fly Fishing Tips For Late Fall

Just because it is late fall and the water temps are starting to fall doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your float tube and catch some warm water species…you just have to think about where they are staging and what they want to see….what they will take.

* Think big in your fly selection as you may not catch as many fish as you would in a summer pattern but you stand a chance of catching a larger fish.

* Color is also key….I like patterns with white, yellow or chartreuse that has some flash to it; this allows the fly to be seen from a long ways off.

* The next big factor is presentation; slow things down. As you will see in this little snippet…I will casts, make a couple strips, then pause and get ready.

* Try to anticipate the fish taking the fly as it sinks. Fish don’t want to expend a lot of energy and if they think it is dinged up or injured they are quick to jump on it.

* I also use varying types of sinking line to try and get the fly to the correct level as once again fish don’t want to move up or down in the water column unless they are desperate…and at this point in the year they are not desperate.

So….grab your gear and get going and if you need to see or learn how to tie a “Hoosier Streamer” just check it out on the fly tying section of the website. Good luck and many bent rods to you!

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