Video – Creek Company ODC 420 and ODC 420L Float Tube Comparison

If you have read much of my material at all you know that I am a float tube fanatic (FTF) and have been for a few years. Nothing will allow you more freedom to go about anywhere you want…while on the water, as well as the freedom to take the highly portable craft along with you; it might be in your trunk, in the bed of your truck or even on your back, either way it is an incredible way to fish…fly-fish.

I have had several of the ODC 420’s made by the Creek Company and just recently had a chance to buy an ODC 420L and did so…and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised as the quality of the product, but especially the lack of weight involved.

If you watch the video below you will see that I go through and visually compare the two water crafts…but let me tell you that the 420L is only 9 pounds whereas the regular 420 is a little over 17 pounds. The difference is very noticeable and frankly, I don’t see the need for the extra denier covering if you are not going to be fishing in moving water (they are not recommended for this at all).

The 420L Lightweight Combo comes with a two way pump and a pair of kick fins…the pump is great but the kick fins are very suspect…honestly I have not tried them but I can’t see that they will do a very good job as they are a strap on pair of fins and are not half the size of the fins that I use.

So…bottom line, if you are not looking for a lot of weight, need a pump and fins, go for the package deal of the ODC 420 Lightweight Combo. It is a good deal and you will be pleased with your purchase.


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