Video – Big Bass – Hillenbrand FWA in Indiana

This video was shot at Hillenbrand FWA in Indiana. When I brought this fish in, the bass had a 15 inch water snake in its craw and was still very much alive. You can also see how full of eggs the fish was and this was only March 24th. I caught this fish using a half and half fly tied to resemble a shad pattern and could tell prior to catching the fish that there were some big fish feeding and ‘busting’ shad in the area. This is a case where fishing from a float tube allowed me to quietly get into range to make an accurate cast and get the strike from the big hoss of a fish. If you haven’t yet fished from a float tube…you are wrong, these crafts are the only way to go for small lakes and ponds and will allow you to quietly access areas that other boats won’t go! Get out there and get going…use a big fly and bump up on your tippet so that you can easily land your trophy. Many bent rods this spring…

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