Spring Fly Fishing for Smallies with a Fly Tying Demo


In today’s video you are going to see me land a couple of nice smallies in a medium sized stream here in southern Indiana. The weather was spectacular…especially for mid-April and I was able to wet wade which is always a treat. The water was up about a foot and flowing harder than the usual summer flows but that didn’t keep hungry smallmouth from gobbling up my white streamer; and oh by the way… I have also included a fly tying demo of this very fly for you. You can see what a simple pattern this is…but don’t let simplicity fool you because when fished properly (I have given several tidbits of how to fish the fly productively) the fly will fool even the biggest and smartest fish… as it did during this trip as I was able to land a 19 and 20 inch pair of fish from successive holes.
Bass in Big WalnutFrom mid-April onward, sometimes all the way into June here in Indiana…the smallies will move up from the deeper waters and start going about their duties in preparing to spawn. Picture that person in your family that can out-eat all the others…combined! That big 20 plus inch hen smallie is that same person and willing to chase and crash into your streamer offering.

If you are waiting for a better time or point in the spring season…it might just pass you by. So, grab your fly gear, a handful of streamers and go find that stream that is calling your name. Oh, and remember to grab your camera to take along…please, please don’t keep or harm one of these beautiful fish as they are truly a gem of nature. If you catch a big spring smallie…please send me a photo as I’d love to see your trophy.


    • Bob Chavez
    • January 7, 2018

    Thanks for the instruction
    I will be tying several of these for Missouri’s spring smallmouth outings on the
    Buorbeuse River

    Thanks again

    Bob Chavez

    1. Reply

      You are so welcome…you sure have a lot of great smallmouth fishing out in Missouri…in fact I would have to say that Missouri is one of my most favored states to fly fish in….

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