Ross Reels and Ross Worldwide Alert

I have a few Ross rods and even a couple reels and have always liked the equipment. Recently, though, my Ross Flystart 1 spool began free-spooling while I was fishing. I took it home and removed 4 screws to find a small plastic bushing used to aid the drag system. I had yet another spool and swapped out the bushing and the my spool worked fine….so for sure it was this small piece. No problem…I will just call Ross and ask for this tiny piece…and then did so.

They didn’t tell me immediately that they could send me a replacement and, in fact, waited a few hours to call me back and tell me that they didn’t have an EXTRA of these pieces. I don’t buy it at all and I am frustrated that this type of business practice exists! Their suggestion was to either; get a new spool ($30 dollars) or send the spool to them to fix ($20 dollars). Maybe they were just trying to make money for fixing the spool but I tend to think that they would rather throw the old one away and send me a new spool than to send me that small part to fix the problem.

I personally don’t want to live in a “throw away” world and I don’t want to do either of their suggestions knowing that the piece would be a simple fix. So….thought I would alert some of the rest of you fly fisherman and give you a heads up if you ever run into the same problem with your Ross spool.

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