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Very seldom do I find a product that both makes sense and actually works like it is supposed to … The Knot Kneedle is just such a product. I was out in Missouri this past weekend and decided to fish the last hour of catch/release at Roaring River. I had already shot a video the day before … so it was nice to just go take a walk, catch fish and not be in a rush.

With about 15 minutes left (3:45pm) I hooked into a true lunker; one of the breeders that the trout parks turn loose during the winter season. I should have tied on … but hadn’t and the fish eventually broke off my trout candy and my 3X tippet. It was cold, about 22 degrees and the wind was blowing … thus my hands were cold. I spent about 5 minutes just trying to tie on another fly and frankly it was pretty frustrating (getting older is sometimes not much fun).

After I had got back to the camper and warmed up I opened up my laptop to answer some mail and there at the beginning of one of my own videos was this product called the Knot Kneedle. I usually don’t watch these but this time I did. Was it coincidence or what that I had just had this issue and here was a product? If you have been around fly fishing for anytime at all, it is much like golfing … there are simply too many products trying to make you a good golfer and a good fly fisherman … and sometimes the product is no help at all.
Knot KneedleThe Knot Kneedle looked different to me and I decided I would email Nate Wills, the owner. I sent him a simple email with a question about the tool and to my surprise had an answer within a few hours. The next day he called and we talked for a while about the product. Nate was good enough to send me one of the tools for me to try out and thus … here is my review and a video (below) showing the tool itself.

I would give the Knot Kneedle a 10/10 and if you know me … I don’t give 10’s, period. I am positive that with minimum practice I will be able to tie various knots quickly and efficiently. In fact, by buying the tool you can download to your phone a small library of various knots being tied … so that you can have this set of knots with you and practice them … at any time.

So, take a minute to look Nate and his product up; you can contact him via his web site … or by emailing Nate at or by phoning him at 603-793-3725. You will find Nate to be easy to talk to and very enthusiastic about his awesome product.
Knot Kneedle SignRemember that if you have any other fly fishing questions you can contact me at or by contacting me through the comment section below.

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