How To Set Up A 6 Weight Fly Fishing System


All too often I get a wide array of questions….but more than any other are questions about leader, tippet and fly line for my 6 weight fly fishing system. I am also often asked about having just one weight of fly rod or system….what would it be?

After many years and much deliberation…I guess I would say I’d choose a 6 weight. It seems like it just allows me to do so many things from fishing for small trout all the way up to pike, big bass and browns….and yes, even a musky or two.

As for the set up…I have tried over the years to simplify things so that I can quickly change from leader size to tippet size without a lot of extra time. This set up also allows me to go from 20 pound for big heavy fish all the way down to 4X for small, finicky trout. On some rivers I find that the 6 will also help me to push the line out there a few more feet without having to produce so much stress on my shoulder…and after reconstructive surgery…that is a very important aspect.

So, take a look and give this a try. I think you will find that you can easily go from tippet to tippet without any time and the more you practice the knots….the easier it will all get. If you have questions contact me at and I will do my best to help out with an answer.


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    Hi Jeff,
    I just came across your videos and really enjoyed them. I do a lot of River fishing here in New Jersey. I’m the President of our Jersey Shore Trout Unlimited Chapter. We will be working with Healing Waters Fly-fishing and hope to use some of your tips and ideas on fishing lakes with those streamers and poppers. Keep up the good work your doing.


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    Thanks for the kind words….glad you like the material. Hope to get out your way sometime in the near future to do some streamer fishing… of luck.

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