A Guide to Knots for Fishing, Boating and Camping

Take a look at a very neat and organized series of knots that will help you in all different aspects of fishing and boating. For sure, a person can’t get good enough at knots and in the world of fly fishing…a knot may be just as important as a reel or rod. Don’t think so…wait until you break off that trophy and then you’ll get it.

Through the years I’ve become proficient at a few knots. I practice them and make sure that I can tie them in the worst of conditions like low-light or worst…when your fingers are frozen and you really need to get another fly back out into the water.

Being able to tie good knots starts with information and then requires practice. If you want to be a good putter then you just practice. Want to tie good, strong knots for fishing ….then practice. So…give this a look, you’re never too old or too good to “knot” learn!

Source: Fix.com

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