Greetings From Up North in Wisconsin

I am a big fan of Braveheart, the movie … towards the very end, William Wallace screams out “Freedom” and that is just how I feel just a couple of days after my retirement from teaching. If you have experienced a retirement then you know what and how I feel; to know that each day brings with it the ability to do what one wants, to go where I please … yes, freedom indeed.

I have had a good few days … caught a few nice pike and one good largemouth at Mission Lake. The next day I was atop the Eau Claire River fishing for smallmouth … and yes, I found a few! Just this afternoon I took a spin around our campsite, caught a few pike, a nice smallmouth and on my last cast … caught supper, a nice 15 inch walleye that my wife and I had for supper just 30 minutes later.
Jeff Fishing in Float TubeSo…if you are wondering where Jeff is, I’m here, enjoying my freedom, up north in Wisconsin. I will have some nice material for you when I get back home again … in Indiana, where I can easily upload the videos. Until then I am still checking email daily and answering your questions as best I can.

Yes … life is good. I read a piece about passion the other day and parts of it really sank in … what is it that you can’t live without? The answer for me is fly fishing and to be able to do it on a daily basis now … well, life is good!

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