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How would you like to own a video camera that is waterproof down to 33 feet, shoots video in 1080p, takes still frames, does time lapse, operated with a one touch button that you really can’t mess up…and best of all, is under $200 dollars! Let me take a minute of your time and tell you about a new product from GoPro, the absolute leaders in outdoor video, this little gem is called the GoPro Session.

You may have watched one of my fly fishing videos … and if so, then you have seen how good video using a GoPro can be these days. Just this past month I decided to add one more camera to my arsenal…after reading and perusing a few places I made my decision, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on my latest addition, the GoPro Session.

The first thing that I think will help you the most is to watch a short video that is on YouTube but produced by the folks at GoPro themselves. I think by watching this video you can not only get all the features of the ‘Session’ but also grasp the size…as it is one of the smallest and lightest on the market.

Let’s talk a bit about the features. If you are a bow hunter, for sure there are a good many of you in this area, then this little guy is absolutely perfect. This camera weighs a mere 2.6 ounces and is a cube that is 38mm by 38mm by 36.6mm (basically 1 ½ inches). As you can see the size alone makes this easily mountable under your bow…and while here, let’s talk about the one touch operation. The camera starts and stops with one simple touch…that is it. One touch on and one touch off. Folks, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

I will admit that while all the GoPro’s will take great still photography…I use my two for video only. What I truly love is the quality that the Session gives…and for under $200. You may not be into numbers but you can set the camera to shoot at all sorts of video speeds. I have left mine alone, its default setting is 1080p at 30 frames per second. You certainly don’t have to go back too many years and too many expensive cameras to see that not long ago this type of ‘high-definition’ wasn’t available to us everyday type of people. While on the subject, the FOV or Field of View is nothing short of amazing. It list the FOV as Ultra-Wide and after watching my first few videos…this is for sure a camera that will pick up about everything that goes on in front of it!GoPro Session

Yet another feature (one I haven’t yet played around with) is the Time-Lapse mode. As I mentioned the camera operates with one button…and by holding the button down longer than with video mode, the camera knows to go to Time-Lapse and will capture a series of photos at chosen timed intervals, which is ideal for capturing photos when the camera is out of reach.
One of the advantages or perks of buying a GoPro is the free app that comes as an accessory. Now I am not a smart phone person…in fact I carry a literal $5 phone, but if you choose to do so you can download the GoPro app on your phone and use it to view the screen or program the camera to do a bunch of different functions. This is also very well explained on the above video…and it appears to be very simple in nature and an aspect of the camera that could prove quite beneficial.

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Let me talk specifically to the advantage of having a GoPro Session while fishing. First and maybe most important, this camera, like the other GoPro models, is waterproof. Over the past few years I have dunked more than one camera…and ruined one altogether. Not having to worry about getting it wet is peace of mind that is needed while out on a stream or fishing from a float tube.

If you fish from a boat you will quickly find that this little gem of a camera has many accessories that make it so very user friendly. I am most impressed with the buckle system, which is also in the above video. I have already streamlined much of what I do by placing a few of the buckles in places where I often use or set a camera; the beauty is that a quick snap and the camera can be moved from one place to the other…and when once again snapped back in place, it is very secure.

As a fly-guy I like to use my GoPro cameras with the head and chesty mounts. Views from above or from behind the fishermen gives the viewer a true bird’s-eye view of what the angler is seeing and doing. The mounting positions are literally limitless and really just comes down to one’s own imagination as to the varied views that you can get from the camera.

So, if you are or have been thinking about purchasing a new camera and are ready to move into the GoPro era, give the new Session some serious consideration; its $200 price tag is a lot of bang for the buck…all in all you will have a camera to both document and share your many adventures as we all Enjoy the Great Outdoors.

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