Fly Tying Video – How To Tie A Bitch Creek Nymph

This video is of me tying a bitch creek nymph…if I had to choose one fly it would be a tie between this and a wooly bugger. The fly is very easy to tie…if you haven’t worked with rubber legs it will take a little getting used to…but then all else is easy. I fish this below differing weights of full sinking line and it could easily be fished on a sink tip. You will need to get the feel for the fish, especially trout, to see if they want to chase or simply pick the fly up on the dead drift. I also tie this fly is every color imaginable….white legs, green legs, yellow legs and vary the color of chenille you use as well as the color of hackle to produce hundreds of variations. This fly will kill bluegill, etc…. Give it a try, you won’t be sorry!

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