Fly Tying – The BP Special

Hey folks… I had some requests to show the BP special (the BP stands for my buddy Bill Pacey). Bill is an avid fly fisherman and an excellent fly tier who lives in Memphis, TN. This fly, the BP Special, is a real killer and you can fish it for anything…smallies, largemouth, crappie, etc….in fact in one of my more recent videos (Spring Fly Fishing on a Small Lake) I referenced Bill and his fly. Afterwards I had a couple of request to see the fly tied; since Bill is down south and I am not…well, here is the next best thing! Bill has taken the time to go step by step on the fly and as you can see below…not only is it a great looking fly, but easy to tie. So, grab your fly stuff and get going.

Just a tip on fishing the fly…I have been fishing the BP Special underneath my Rio type 1 sink tip and casting as close to structure as possible, in fact allow the fly to ‘splash-down’ then quickly give 3 to 4 strips and allow the fly to sit…and hang on. Just this past weekend my friend Frank and I were on a lake in Greene-Sullivan State Forest and using the BP…and we slammed one bass after another and even caught a few crappie mixed in.

So, thanks so much to Bill for this visual tutorial. Give this fly a try and if you have some success…drop me a note on my website so that I can pass it along to Bill.

Note from Bill: I crowded the eye on this fly but steps to tie are accurate. 18 turns of .025 lead, tied down and glued.
BP Special 1BP Special 2BP Special 3BP Special 4BP Special 5BP Special 6BP Special 7BP Special 8

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