Fly Tying a Reverse-Tied Polar Fiber Fly

I don’t do many fly tying videos, when I do it is because I think I have found a fly of genuine worth…and such is the case for this fly, the reverse-tied polar fiber fly. I have been using and tying the same type of fly with bucktail for quite a while. Just recently I had the notion to try to tie the same fly using polar fibers, as there are literally all types of colors of polar fibers and the possibilities are limitless.

My first go was with a tan colored fly that appears in a video shot recently on Sugar Creek (Indiana’s Sugar Creek for Smallmouth) the video will show me discussing the fly and you can see it in use; bottom line is that it really looks natural and has motion to it that makes it appear like it is breathing or pulsing when being stripped in.

Tying the fly is one aspect of catching fish and obviously over the years (over 45) I have developed a few techniques that aid in hooking fish and sometimes, bigger fish. One of my go to techniques at this point is to put my back facing downstream and make cast back upstream at about 45 degrees. By allowing the fly to flow naturally and within striking distance of ambush fish like smallmouth, you can elicit a lot of action. Keep in mind that fish like to accelerate downstream in short bursts to attack their prey. Most smallmouth bass aren’t going to cross a great deal of water and by presenting it nearby…you will increase the success rate.

So, take some time and give this polar fiber fly a go and if you have great results, shoot me an email or leave me a comment here at the bottom of this page. Best of luck and may God Bless You!

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