Fly Fishing the Minong, Wisconsin Area

If you are a fisherman, specifically a fly fisherman … then the north woods of Wisconsin beckons. We have been going to the area in and around Minong for a few years now and truly have fell in love with all the rich waters located within a short drive. A bit of trivia … did you know that Minong is the home of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky?

A good part of this video is shot on the Totagatic (Toe-Ta-Gat-Tic), that is one pronunciation and there are a few more that the locals use. This is one of the literally hundreds of flowages that run from one lake or river system to another. In this case the Totagatic runs from below the Minong Flowage down several miles and dumps into the Namekagon River. In turn, the Namekagon then flows into the St. Croix and the St. Croix into the Mississippi.

The Totagatic is a special river and can flow gently (as you will see in this video). And, on the other hand…it can be a river that really moves along. That is dependent upon how much water is released at the dam site. It is a ‘Wild’ river, meaning no homes, docks, etc… are along the river and you get this incredible experience with nature. Best of all…no tubers and all that goes along with them.

You will also see a short piece from a night at the campground. The Totagatic County Park is located just a few miles west of Minong on County Road I. It is a very nice place to camp, fees are $25 per night for electric. Many of the sites are located right on the Minong Flowage. On one particular night I took off in my float tube. It began to rain and then the sun popped out and gave me the cleanest rainbow I have ever seen. Not only was that special … but I caught many fish. I put one on this video … it was a large bowfin and I was able to hook it on a top water frog which I thought was also unique.

If in the area, don’t pass by. Take some time to stop and fish the hundreds of lakes and many rivers. I might also note that it is only an hour north to the twin-ports of Superior and Duluth. Both cities have lots to offer. If you have the time park and take a walk out on the Duluth Point and watch a big freighter come in to get its belly loaded full of taconite. If you are there at the right time you will get to be as close to one of these behemoths as ever!

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