Fly Fishing The Big Walnut With #1 Son Harrison

Anytime you get to go fly fishing the Big Walnut, it is special; when you get to go with one of your sons…even more special. Such was the case this past week as my oldest, Harrison, was able to get away from all his duties to accompany me and run a camera for me.

Harrison is also a teacher, a special needs teacher like his dad…and in fact he team teaches with me at Edgewood High School. In the summer he works at a golf course and that means early hours and a lot of hard work. I cajoled him into coming along with me on one of my jaunts down the Big Walnut, and in doing so gave him my camera and told him to go crazy.

I won’t say the fishing was exceptional even though I did catch fish and one that was about 16 inches; what was special was sharing this time together while walking these rich waters amidst nature and its many animals.

So, as you watch the video…you will see much of the wildlife that indeed is a big part of why I go fly fishing. Smallmouth, like trout…live in beautiful places. The noise level is almost zero (except for an occasional train). Together we took four hours to meander along, have a few conversations…and catch a few smallmouth bass, it’s that simple.

I hope you enjoy this video and remember that if you have questions you can contact me at

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