Fly Fishing on Father’s Day for Small Stream Smallies


Join me as I fly fish for smallmouth bass (small stream smallies) on a hot and steamy Father’s Day in 2018. This is one of my most favorite small streams, for several reasons; first, there is usually a big fish or two and second, the scenery is special as you get to walk along in quiet solitude.

This was my first Father’s Day without my very own special father…Ivan Carmichael. In fact, this small stream was the last stream that dad and I walked together and can be seen by watching my video entitled A Walk with Dad. Fathers are special. After teaching public school for over 30 years I can assure you that one of the major issues with kids today is the lack of a substantial father. Mine was not only my best friend…but a true sportsman who taught me the love of the outdoors.

I am able to catch a few nice fish and finish up with a chunky 16 inch smallie that was indeed the ‘king’ of his hole. These journeys allow for not just fishing but allow a person to clear their mind and better prepare for the upcoming week of business. I hope you enjoy the video; if you have questions you can contact me at I will do my best to best answer your questions as I hope to help others better enjoy the art of smallmouth fishing on the fly.

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