Fly Fishing Low Water Smallmouth on the Big Walnut


Because of low water conditions, there reaches a point in the summer where you either whine and stay home…or go and make the most of it; I am not a whiner. Frank and I pulled out of my drive at 9am sharp on our way to fly fish another section of the Big Walnut…and did so knowing that the water was running at 27cfs, which to my knowledge was the lowest we had ever tried to fish the BW!

As we crossed the creek we could see that we were indeed in for a tough afternoon. If you have fished for smallies in low water conditions then you know exactly how tough it is…and even tougher when you are a fly-guy. Oddly, the first fish came within the first five casts and thus set my expectations pretty high for the rest of the day; an hour or almost an hour later I would find and catch my second fish. Thankfully I figured out a better fly, kept my profile very low and started catching more fish as I moved further downstream.

All in all it was a gorgeous day to be out on the water and for sure I would have been disappointed had I stayed behind and not fished. I did rely on some accurate long-distance casting and a well tied tan colored trout candy that the smallmouth obviously found interesting. Once again I hope you enjoy the journey and the scenery; being out on the water in any fashion or form makes for time well spent.

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