Fly Fishing From The Ground Up – Part 1 – Wading Boots

This is the first in our series entitled “Fly Fishing From The Ground Up”. In this video we will discuss the bottom, your feet and how important a good…and the correct pair of wading boots actually are. So take a look at the video along with this narrative and prepare yourself for a great fly-fishing season.

The bottom line is that by buying a pair of waders that don’t already have boots attached to them…you will need to buy a pair of wading boots that your booties will fit inside. Let me begin by mentioning that when you buy the wading boots you will need to buy boots that are anywhere from one to as much as two sizes larger than your current shoe size. For example, I wear 10’s and always buy a size 12 wading boot as this gives me enough room for the bootie portion of the wader to fit comfortably inside. If you like things a little tighter then make the adjustment but I think you will find a tight boot is one that winds up a little colder due to constriction and that isn’t what you want if you are standing in 40 degree water.

Wading Boots – Felt vs. Rubber

Felt vs. rubber is where it is at…as I talk about in the video many states are now going to…or will shortly be banning felt in their states. Missouri has announced that there will be no more felt starting March 1st of 2012…this is going to be a major issue and if you only own felt it is obvious that you will be purchasing a pair of rubber boots. Felt is so much more stable and grips most surfaces much better that any rubber boots…but felt also allows for the transfer of invasive species and the one most concerned about is Didymo (rock snot). So, rubber is the future and you need to do a little searching around prior to buying a pair of rubber boots. Cabela’s has several pair available from mid 50 dollar range all the way up to a bit over a hundred dollars. Cabela’s also sells other brands and if you have the funds I would suggest you looking at a pair of Sims boots and possibly a pair that allows for the installation of carbide studs to aid in adhesion to rocks and other surfaces you will encounter while wading.

Take some time and look things over before making your purchase…but start now in getting ready and remember if your boots are comfy, safe and sturdy…you will be a happy fisherman. There are places that you might be able to scrimp a little…but your boots are going to be the basement of your fly fishing experience…so buy intelligently!

Next up in our video series, we’ll look at waders. I know you will want to check this video out prior to buying a pair for your fishing. We will discuss the many facets of waders, both neoprene and breathable.

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