Fly Fishing for Bass Using Drone Video

If you stay with something long enough you will be amazed at the technology and improvements that come as you age; I feel like my grandparents when the first mobile or cell phones came out…to see what a drone can do and sit back and watch the video of me fly fishing for bass from above, well, it is amazing.

My son, Harrison, now 28 years old…recently bought a drone that he has practiced with for the past week or so; this past weekend he accompanied me to one of my favorite fishing spots, The West Dugger Unit of Greene-Sullivan State Forest. The fishing itself wasn’t great…but his overhead views of me casting to hungry bass were exceptional and frankly a bit amazing as well. I am sure that this technology will also grow and become more readily used in the future as it gives such an awesome view of not only the fly fisherman…but the surrounding area as well.

I am not sure where this will lead as he is a busy person…but it is my hope that I can get him to come along with me on a few more adventures and lend a hand by taking superb video from above, giving yet another perspective of the awesome art and science of fly fishing.

I am on the West Dugger Unit which is the new portion of Greene-Sullivan. This unit is composed of about 20 lakes that were former strip pits; the difference being that these are not tree lined like the older section of the state forests. It is for sure a nice place to drop in a float tube and try your hand at a wide variety of game fish…specifically a musky as Bass Lake is the only lake in our area that has a good number of musky…and I might add a few are of good size.

So, watch the video and enjoy the views and as always, if you have any fly fishing questions you can contact me using email at


    • Randall Durner
    • March 2, 2020

    I watched your You Tube video on fly fishing the Driftless Area. After 30+ years of fly fishing predominantly in Pennsylvania, but now residing in south central Wisconsin, and being mentored by some top notch fly fishermen, including Joe Humphreys, I was quite unsettled to watch how you handled trout. By today’s standards, grabbing a trout with a dry hand is a definite no-no in my book! That method disrupts the protective slime on the fish! Kneeling down by the waters edge, keeping the fish as much in the water as possible, and handling the fish with a wet hand, is a much more preferred and desired method. I would hope that you now get your hands wet before you handle the fish.

    • Jeff I Carmichael
    • March 3, 2020

    Hey thanks for the tips…sorry you were unsettled…tell Joe hello for me!

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