Fly Fish a Mouse Pattern

Hi folks…. here is a great article from another fishing web site that demonstrates how to fly fish a mouse pattern. It is very well written and for sure, lots can be learned from the article and the illustrations.

If you haven’t ever fly fished with a mouse pattern, you are missing out on some of the most explosive top-water takes you will ever experience. The author speaks mainly to using a mouse for trout. It is without question one of the most productive means of hooking into a big, mean trout…seems like browns for sure are into the hunt for the big meal of a mouse. I use a mouse pattern here locally in southern Indiana for both largemouth and smallmouth bass. I have a few lakes in the Greene-Sullivan area that are perfect for chucking a mouse in and under an overhanging limb…one of the things I have learned through the years is pretty simple; your casts has to place the fly (mouse) as close to the bank or shore as possible. Mice, voles, etc…often fall off of limbs and when the hit the water with a big ‘splat’-it alerts the larger predatory fish that a meal is in the water…and they race to the surface. With smallies a well drifted mouse pattern can be deadly…I particularly like the fact that the silhouette of the fly from below will cause a smallie to bust upwards, through the fly and into the air for what can simply be called an amazing and awesome take.

So, give this a read and go forth and give a mouse a try in your local waters…hope you can use, learn and enjoy from this offering. By the way….fall is a perfect time to present a mouse as most fish are looking to put on weight and a mouse is a big meal!
Mastering the Mouse Retrieve

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