Fish Finder For A Float Tube

One of the best and possibly, most eccentric items that I have purchased in the last year was buying a fish finder for my float tube from Cabela’s. I did some reading and product reviews and settled in on the Humminbird model 140 C. This is their best model and it has great graphics in color as well as a side finding sonar that is a great bonus.

You might ask why a fish finder….well for starters it gives you the temperature and that is a crucial piece of information that I use and am very interested in while fly fishing. Secondly it gives you the depth of the water you are fishing in and that is crucial to any fisherman…but highly important to one who uses a lot of sinking lines. I want to know what the depth is to better understand where they may be holding during different water temps. Obviously it is nice to see the structure below you, as well. I look for any structure that might be holding spots for ambush fish like bass and crappie.

What I can tell you is that I don’t use my fish finder all the time….usually when I begin to fish; to understand the temperatures and then occasionally while fishing I will turn on the unit to better understand the structure and depth below me.

The model 140 C has a side range sonar that is interesting as it will detect the fish between you and the bank and what their distance is from your float tube. Once again, this is not always great info but it does give you an idea of how many fish are there and approximately how far they are.

One added tip; if you buy a fish finder make sure to go ahead and get a Float Tube Buddy Holster. This will allow you to easily attach your unit to the float tube.

All in all I think you will find this technology interesting and a very handy tool to analyze the water in which you are fishing. I think this is an advantage that, with technology, we can and should know. Good luck fishing and many bent rods to you.


    • August 28, 2015

    Dear Sir,

    One of our customer is required a depth sounder for canal and river hydro graphic purposes
    with m/range: 60 to 100 meter, accuracy: 1% , and a floating type transducer, to be control
    remotely OR with with wire/cable of 400 feet.
    Please let us know in case you can provide the same, with its technical detail and price etc;

    Thanks and regards.

      • FlyTech
      • September 2, 2015

      Mr. Aslam,
      We do not sell products on this web site. However, I do recommend that you go to They have an excellent selection of fish finders there.
      Fly Tech

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