Choosing the Right Fly Rod and Reel

I recently read an article about choosing the right fly rod and reel. I have included the link to this article on my site because it answers so many questions and does so very well with great illustrations. This will allow the beginner to sit, read, think and relax a bit before being confronted with choices. Let’s face it… starting out in the fly fishing world is a big and scary place. Often the questions I get are excellent questions but they come after someone has already bought a fly fishing outfit that just isn’t what they were looking for. Fly fishing is hard enough. We don’t need to over-complicate all of it by purchasing a stiff 8-weight system when all you want to do is catch a few bluegill from the farm pond down the road; or you plan on heading out west to fish dry flies for cutthroat and wind up with a heavy duty 6-weight rod that is stiff-flexed. So, that being said… take some time to read through this well done piece made for fly fisherman of all levels, particularly you folks who are just starting out. If after reading you have specific questions then please go to my question section and shoot me an email and I will do my best to give you what I think is good advice.

Once again here is the link to the article … Choosing the Right Fly Fishing Outfit by Charlie Robinton.

Below is an example of one of the illustrations in the article …..
Understanding Rod Action - Choosing the Right Fly Fishing Outfit

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