Product Reviews

Jeff’s opinion and evaluation of various products related to fly fishing and other outdoor activities.

Twin Troller X10 (Part 1)

OK….so I recently purchased a new boat for myself. Yes…I love my float tube and still think it is the single best way to fish small waters but in the winter I can only last about 2 hours maximum in the cold water and I was also looking for a way to fish larger water…to […]

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Video – Twin Troller X10 Fishing Boat

NOTE: Because I prefer to fly fish in my float tube, I no longer own the Twin Troller that I reviewed in the video. All of my comments about the boat still apply and if you prefer a boat rather than a float tube, the Twin Troller is a good choice for you. The video […]

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Video – Creek Company ODC 420 and ODC 420L Float Tube Comparison

If you have read much of my material at all you know that I am a float tube fanatic (FTF) and have been for a few years. Nothing will allow you more freedom to go about anywhere you want…while on the water, as well as the freedom to take the highly portable craft along with […]

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Fish Finder For A Float Tube

One of the best and possibly, most eccentric items that I have purchased in the last year was buying a fish finder for my float tube from Cabela’s. I did some reading and product reviews and settled in on the Humminbird model 140 C. This is their best model and it has great graphics in […]

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Dave Scadden’s Outlaw Assault – Product Review

Being in or on water is what really makes me happy. This past fall I started looking for the next best boat, or in my case, float tube. I looked at catalogues, websites, read reviews and finally settled on a new boat, float tube, pontoon…well it is a little confusing but we will discuss what […]

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