Product Reviews

Jeff’s opinion and evaluation of various products related to fly fishing and other outdoor activities.

Float Tubes And The New Voyager

I have been a float tube person for several years now and probably can boldly state that I logged about as many hours in the Creek Company’s ODC 420 as anyone. The progress and technology made in float tubes over the past 20 years has been remarkable to say the least. In the old days […]

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An Outdoor Camera

If you are like me and spend most of your time in the outdoors then you want to take note of a new series of cameras that are out there and ready for your use. This past June 11th I turned the big “50”! I am not a big person on gifts and have always […]

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Ross Reels and Ross Worldwide Alert

I have a few Ross rods and even a couple reels and have always liked the equipment. Recently, though, my Ross Flystart 1 spool began free-spooling while I was fishing. I took it home and removed 4 screws to find a small plastic bushing used to aid the drag system. I had yet another spool […]

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Twin Troller X10 (Part 2)

Last week I introduced you to my new boat…can’t say that without thinking of Forest Gump and his Shrimpin’ boat…he ended up naming her “Jenny, the most beautiful name in the world” and it sure was good luck, but for now I will just keep mine un-named and wait to see if “Vickie” pops up […]

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Twin Troller X10 (Part 1)

OK….so I recently purchased a new boat for myself. Yes…I love my float tube and still think it is the single best way to fish small waters but in the winter I can only last about 2 hours maximum in the cold water and I was also looking for a way to fish larger water…to […]

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Video – Twin Troller X10 Fishing Boat

NOTE: Because I prefer to fly fish in my float tube, I no longer own the Twin Troller that I reviewed in the video. All of my comments about the boat still apply and if you prefer a boat rather than a float tube, the Twin Troller is a good choice for you. The video […]

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