Product Reviews

Jeff’s opinion and evaluation of various products related to fly fishing and other outdoor activities.

Cabela’s – Here in Indiana

It was way back in 1986, I was driving through the panhandle of Nebraska when I can remember seeing a small sign pointing me to the southwestern Nebraska town of Sidney, and a Cabela’s store. It was just a few miles off of US 26, I took a left and wound up shopping at my […]

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Creek Company ODC 420 Float Tube Product Review


This video is a product evaluation of the Creek Company ODC 420 float tube. The company has added new technology to the already existing ODC 420 float tube. You can now inflate/deflate the tube easily through the outside of the bladder….before you were required to go inside the pockets…but now you can easily make adjustments […]

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Switch Rod – A New Trick for an Old Dog

I am not sure how many of you out there have ever tried to spey or switch casts? It has been on my mind for a couple years now. As I get closer to retirement I am giving more and more thought to fly fishing the many places that are on my list. Some of […]

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Golden Trout Lanyards

If you are like me and have a pretty eclectic set of hobbies (fly fishing) then buying a Christmas gift is tough for anyone and thus my wife has turned over the reigns to me and this year I found an awesome gift…for myself. I purchased a new lanyard from Golden Trout Lanyards out of […]

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Redington Wading Boots – Product Review

If you are like me…having comfortable shoes is about as good as it gets; especially in the water when you are walking all day. I recently purchased a pair of Redington Palix River Sticky-Rubber Wading Boots from Cabela’s, they were $89.99. I immediately put 10 studs in each boot for more traction, then made my […]

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If you are over 50 (like me) then you are in the generation where technology is really astounding. Point in case, the other day I went to visit my granddaughter Zoey and when we walked in she was sitting in front of an I-pad, playing a game; she knew what she was doing and she […]

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