Video – Glass Blowing In Chattanooga

While on my recent class trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee….my class and I stopped by a glass blowing facility and watched (filmed) as a lady made her own Christmas Ornament (with the help of a true artisan). The entire process doesn’t take but a couple minutes and is very interesting to watch….hope you enjoy it. Don’t […]

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Video – Kansas Pheasant Hunting 2010


This video is a composite of a few hours while hunting pheasants in Kansas in 2010. I am hunting with my 2 sons; Harrison and Jonas…and my father, Ivan. I think you will find the video angles to be pretty interesting and quite unique. The video was all shot with a pair of I-Kam Extreme […]

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Video – God Made A Teacher

I am a 29 year veteran of the teaching profession and have taught special needs kids for the duration. The video that you are about to watch was written by me….with help in taking the photos and constructing the video by a teaching paraprofessional…Kari Wilson. Teaching is my life and allows me to get out […]

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