Fly Fishing Techniques

Missouri Trout Parks – Tips and Advice – Bennet Spring


I won’t claim to be the most experienced Missouri Trout Park fly-guy…but over the last decade I have fished all four, many times and thus want to give you DIY fly fishermen some advice and tips to make your time more enjoyable. From east to west, the four trout parks are; Merrimac Springs, Montauk, Bennet […]

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A Two Footer

If you have been reading my column or following me online then you know that one of my goals, maybe even a bucket list item has been to catch a double digit bass, from my float tube, on a fly I tied…and of course on a fly rod. Well…this past weekend, while you may have […]

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Sizzlin’ Summer Smallmouth

Have you ever taken or gone to a buffet with a large guy…you know what I’m talking about, the guy that piles it high and deep, over and over…I must admit that on occasion I can consume mass quantities of calories myself while at a Chinese restaurant. Smallmouth are much the same, in fact your […]

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Fly Fishing for Carp from a Float Tube

Possibly you view a carp as a big goldfish…maybe you don’t really even know what a carp is? In the fly fishing world carp are now a pursued commodity…the freshwater bonefish as many have called them. Truth is that until just recently I hadn’t been able to actually hook a carp on a fly…but that […]

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2015 – Here We Go Fly Casting

Kinda hard to believe…but it is indeed 2015. We are closer to the year 2030 than we are to 1999; what? That can’t be…ah, but it is. I can still remember wondering what might just happen when we cruised into the second millennium…and here we are looking forward to the 16th year of the 2000’s. […]

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Late April Smallies Video

This video you was filmed here in southern Indiana using my GoPro with a chestie mount. It is a gorgeous day and I am fishing a 5 weight TQR rod made by Cabela’s and a sink tip line that sinks at about an inch and a half per second. The fly is a shiner or […]

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