Fly Fishing Techniques

Fly Fishing Tip – Understanding the Water Column

I was just recently in Missouri and fished Montauk State Park…if you aren’t familiar with Montauk it lies about 25 miles southwest of Salem, Missouri and is one of the state’s four trout parks. I fished it with my 14 year old son and my father…and I spent a good amount of my time fishing […]

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Fly Fishing Tip – Smallies From Below The Pool

Well….it is mid-July and things here in Southern Indiana are getting tough…heat, low and clear water and very spooky fish. I have changed attack plans several times in the past several weeks and this past two weeks I have done very well by walking into the pools from below and dead drifting a bitch creek/spider […]

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Video – Catching A Smallmouth Bass

This video is of me landing a 16 inch smallie in a small southern Indiana creek. It was shot by my son, Harrison, who was along and also catching some good fish. This particular smallmouth was hooked on an Irish Jig; a fly that I tie in lime green and dark green just like the […]

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Fly Fishing Tip – Smallmouth Nymphing

Have you been rejected lately?  I have…I’ve been smallmouth fly fishing a lot and while I have caught and landed a good number of smallies…I have also been rejected, a lot, in fact at one point last week it felt like my junior year in high school all over again. I am a stripper; whoa, […]

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