Float Tube Fishing Tips

Tips specifically related to fishing from a float tube.

Catching Bluegills From A Float Tube

This video was shot on a Sunday afternoon when I needed to relax and relieve stress…there is no better way than from the seat of a float tube, fly rod in hand…and lots of hungry bluegills below. This is a very simple plan, tie on a size 6 yellow and black bitch creek nymph to […]

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Float Tubes And The New Voyager

I have been a float tube person for several years now and probably can boldly state that I logged about as many hours in the Creek Company’s ODC 420 as anyone. The progress and technology made in float tubes over the past 20 years has been remarkable to say the least. In the old days […]

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The Big Cat

Labor Day weekend was supposed to be a total washout…that being the case I didn’t plan a lot of fishing. Long about Sunday afternoon the rain started to dwindle at my house and a quick check of the radar signaled the end to my afternoon napping, watching  golfers wiggle their way around the TPC of […]

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Float Tube Fishing on Easter Weekend

Easter is without question one of my favorite times of each year. I love the fact that the Dogwoods bloom at just the right time…almost like they know something about the holiday? Some would call this an environmental coincidence but I tend to think it has a certain plan; winter for all purposes is the […]

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Cold Water Bass

My little float tube is not actually an ice breaker; there have been a couple times over these past few years when I actually fished directly beside a sheet of ice. January 10th of this year found Harrison and I out in 53 degree weather, in fact the weather was simply remarkable for this time […]

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Video – Fly Fishing Tips For Late Fall

Just because it is late fall and the water temps are starting to fall doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your float tube and catch some warm water species…you just have to think about where they are staging and what they want to see….what they will take. * Think big in your fly selection […]

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