Fly Fishing Adventures

Jeff’s summaries of his fly fishing exploits.

Island Pit Lake, Indiana Trout Fishing From a Float Tube

OK….I know trout, trout, trout…land one and you will quickly know why they are such a sought after species and frankly they are “delicioso” on the table; no wonder why I go to lengths to put myself in and around these little marvels of nature. This past weekend was just such a case; I left […]

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My Fly Fishing Farm Pond Slam

This past weekend was one great fishing weekend. Soon after school was over on Friday, Jonas and I sped away, camper in tow, to the Narrow Lake campground in the Greene-Sullivan State Forest. We parked the camper and drove the few miles to Island Pit, in the Minnehaha FWA. We were in search of rainbow […]

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Fly Fishing On A Windy Spring Day

I made my way to a small farm pond about a ¼ mile from my home on Sunday night. The wind was blowing at a constant 25 mph and I knew the direction of the wind would help me make roll cast into a corner of the pond that is tough to reach due to […]

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Fishing A Small Farm Pond

February 23, 2011. Fished a small farm pond last night. Air temperature was around 35 degrees and the water was very cold…not a very scientific temperature reading, but I didn’t have along my fish finder and could only venture a guess. I know that any fish is going to be near or on the bottom […]

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