Fly Fishing Adventures

Jeff’s summaries of his fly fishing exploits.

Welcome to 2020 from Bennet Spring State Park

Anytime you can fish is a good time to fish; in my case, after a broken leg back in October, followed by a wet winter…well, fly fishing for trout at Bennet Spring State Park is just what the doctor ordered! Vickie and I left Indiana early on Friday morning, March 13th for Missouri, Lebanon to […]

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Fly Fishing the James River in Missouri

Recently on my fall break…my wife and I visited Branson, Missouri for a week. If you haven’t yet made it to Branson, it is quite the city…and quite the story. Branson sits along the White River. In the old days, prior to 1957, The White would regularly flood and thus the powers to be came […]

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Fly Fishing Roaring River Trout Park in Missouri

Plan B as they say…happens when your first plan, Taneycomo, encounters 4 plus inches of rain in one afternoon. If you don’t know what I am talking about then you haven’t been to Branson, Missouri…and shame on you! You might associate Branson with country music shows, restaurants, The Branson Belle, etc…but you should be familiar […]

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Fly Fishing for Bass Using Drone Video

If you stay with something long enough you will be amazed at the technology and improvements that come as you age; I feel like my grandparents when the first mobile or cell phones came out…to see what a drone can do and sit back and watch the video of me fly fishing for bass from […]

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Fly Fishing Sugar Creek with Frank

I love fly fishing…have to admit I am a total junkie! Anytime you can get out on a gorgeous day with your best friend, spend 6 hours in nature…and catch a slew of smallmouth, well, let’s just call that a great day! Such was the case on July 30th of 2019. Frank (Terkhorn) and myself […]

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Fly Fishing The Big Walnut With #1 Son Harrison

Anytime you get to go fly fishing the Big Walnut, it is special; when you get to go with one of your sons…even more special. Such was the case this past week as my oldest, Harrison, was able to get away from all his duties to accompany me and run a camera for me. Harrison […]

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