Fishing (Miscellanious)

Underworld Streamers

A reader of mine, Steve Settle, sent this link to me as he knows I am a streamer-only guy. Now I won’t say I won’t ever nymph….and routinely go to dry….but for me, the thrill is the tug. This video is a real hoot and anyone who has ever pitched a streamer (or had a […]

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A Guide to Knots for Fishing, Boating and Camping

Take a look at a very neat and organized series of knots that will help you in all different aspects of fishing and boating. For sure, a person can’t get good enough at knots and in the world of fly fishing…a knot may be just as important as a reel or rod. Don’t think so…wait […]

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Golden Trout Lanyards

If you are like me and have a pretty eclectic set of hobbies (fly fishing) then buying a Christmas gift is tough for anyone and thus my wife has turned over the reigns to me and this year I found an awesome gift…for myself. I purchased a new lanyard from Golden Trout Lanyards out of […]

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Angler Kills & Tosses Musky for No Reason


Please give this video a view…be advised the language is poor…be advised that if I saw this same atrocity…I’d probably be as mad as these two sportsman who had the guts to speak out, step up and call this “slob” out on his killing of a 38″ musky…all because he thinks the musky is eating […]

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Fly Fishing Photos From 2013

2013 was a great year fly fishing various species in a few different states…so, the following video is just a few of the many photos from 2013. Give it a watch….hope it inspires you to grab your fly gear, waders, get out there and get going…while you’re at it, grab your camera and snap as […]

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Rod Repair

Have you ever broken a rod? Through the years I have had some bad luck and some dumb luck. About a month ago I was fishing with my favorite 3 weight fly rod and on a back cast caught a blade of grass….I gave the rod one little pop to free itself (like I have […]

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