Fishing (Miscellanious)

Bethsaida – House Of Fishing

As I sat in church (Sherwood Oaks Christian Church-Bloomington, Indiana) this past Sunday our minister, Tom Ellsworth began by talking about the origin and meaning of the word Bethsaida, which he went on to tell us meant ‘house of fishing’. He spoke about Peter, James and John who were all fishermen on the Sea of […]

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Big-Little Creek Smallies


The problem with going north to Canada and Michigan these past few weeks is that the fishing was so good that in all honesty it is tough to come home to what might at times be some pretty normal or sub-par fishing. Don’t get me wrong, I love southern Indiana, its people, it scenic value […]

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Voyager For Sale

Note: This used Voyager is no longer available from Jeff. I am moving on up, as the Jefferson’s would say and just bought a new Voyager HD from the Creek Company, thus I am selling my boat which is still in very good condition. New it was $699 and while it has some miles on […]

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Merry Christmas 2015

Can you believe it, once again here we are in the Christmas Season. That means the end of 2015 is near. What a year it has been. This always seems like the correct time to think back and reflect on the year we have just had and all the blessings. First on my list continues […]

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The Faith of a Fisherman

Hebrews 11:1 tell us this; “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. (KJ Version) I started thinking…way too much the other day, as I was kicking backwards upon one of my favorite lakes in Greene-Sullivan State Forest. Fishing is a lot about having faith; for a fly […]

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Cabela’s – Here in Indiana

It was way back in 1986, I was driving through the panhandle of Nebraska when I can remember seeing a small sign pointing me to the southwestern Nebraska town of Sidney, and a Cabela’s store. It was just a few miles off of US 26, I took a left and wound up shopping at my […]

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