Video – Catching A Smallmouth Bass

This video is of me landing a 16 inch smallie in a small southern Indiana creek. It was shot by my son, Harrison, who was along and also catching some good fish. This particular smallmouth was hooked on an Irish Jig; a fly that I tie in lime green and dark green just like the Civil War Streamer….and for many reasons, it has been a big hit with the smallmouth.

If you notice…this is a 2 weight Cabela’s TQR (Tight Quarters Rod) that I am landing this fish on and I had to be patient and let the fish have its runs or it would have broken the 3x tippet that I was using. As a side note….it was the last fish I ever landed on this rod as the next smallie, in the next hole was much larger and not only broke me off….but broke the 2 weight rod as well. To say the least….I am motivated to catch this big smallmouth and will continue to fish the creek in search of this big beast.

You may think that fish like this are only in Wisconsin or Maine, etc…but the truth is that they can be found in many small, spring fed creeks here in southern Indiana…so, get out there and start bending some rods!!

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