Spring Fishing Is In Full Fury

If you haven’t made it out yet to your favorite fishing hole….GET GOING!!! The fishing this spring, though it has been wet, has been excellent and may be peaking out right now. So are the bugs and no matter what you have been doing you have had to tolerate the biting gnats that are so […]

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Video – How To Tie A Wooly Bugger

Every fly fisherman has a wooly bugger pattern and this is the one that I tie and have had much success on. As you will notice in the video, I tie in a long tail and do so because you can always trim the tail while on the water. This pattern is a trout killer […]

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A Fly-Fisherman’s Tip To Cure The Biting Gnats

Well…if you have been outdoors, you know that the gnats or no-seeums are on the scene this time of year and can really wreak some havoc with our fly-fishing. Here’s two things that will help to keep them from ruining your fishing. The first is simple, buy a head net or a hat with a […]

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Spiders and Pickle Jars

I have known for some time that a guy’s real value is at times….much less than he thinks it is.  I am a realist and truly believe that almost everyone has a higher opinion of themselves than is actuality.  I see this often in the education wing and for sure the fish that I don’t […]

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Stringer Readiness – Float Tube Fishing Tip

If you are using your float tube, often you will find times when you need a stringer and one simple remedy is to buy a low priced, metal stringer and attach it to your “D” ring on the right, rear side of the float tube. Next, fold the stringer up and place it in the […]

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My Big Bass

Sunday, April 17th started out like many other Sunday’s as we made our way to church and did a little shopping for the week on the way home; all this knowing that I was on a timeline and would be meeting Frank Terkhorn at my parent’s house prior to going fishing for a while. By […]

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