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If you haven’t noticed, we live in a high tech world. Now, I am not going to start to say that I am a techy person; TroutRoutes App Imageshort of 35 years teaching high school and all that goes with that … if given a choice, I am usually low-tech. However, I’m not stupid and will pick up google-earth along with several other modes of technology that just weren’t here some 45 years ago when I started down this fly fishing world of mine. You are probably, like me or maybe a lot worse … who knows. Anyway, I have listed several fly fishing apps for you to peruse. I make nothing … wish I did. This started when I received a nice email this past couple of weeks from Zachary Pope of TroutRoutes. Zach, like several others each year, found me on YouTube and wanted me to take a look at his app; I did, and his is listed first. Give these Apps for the Fly Fisherman a look and see if they interest you and just possibly they will make your next fly fishing outing a bit easier. Once again, this is just some good info for you to consider. I am not, specifically, endorsing any of these apps.


This app (Android & IOS) is for the trout fly-guy looking for an easier way to find access to good water (without getting in trouble or at the least, getting chewed out). This app is also going to show you where to fish and it is color coordinated to help with quality waters. It is also going to give you live, up to date, stream info on cfs, etc. … which we all know is crucial. How many times have we driven to a water to find that it is virtually unfishable? This app will save you some time and effort in many ways …. many more than I have talked about today. So, take a look and see what YOU think? It’s available in both paid (pro) and free versions.

Fish Rules:

The next app (IOS) I have for you is called Fish Rules. I am not a rule breaker and I like to know what I am fishing for and what are the standards, minimums, etc… This app is a shortcut as it deals with the rules on the stream that you are on at that given time. The app also allows you to quickly log the fish you have caught … how does it work, off of the GPS coordinates that your phone is giving at that time. Hard to beat or be any simpler … and probably cheaper than a fine or ticket? Best of all it is free!

Isolunar Hunt & Fish Times:

ISolunar is next up on our app list (Android & IOS). I have actually used this at times and if you have been around an older person then you know that these solunar tables have been in existence for many decades. Some see this as hocus-pocus while others rely on this heavily. Once again it is based off of your phones location and tells you when the best to worst times to fish, etc. … will happen. The cost for the app is $4.99. I might add that if you are a musky-fly-guy then these times really do have much to do with feeding patterns and success.

Fishing Knots Mp-Fish:

Lastly is an app called Fishing Knots Mp-Fish (IOS Only). Hear me out on this one … if you are new to fly fishing and haven’t yet developed the 2-3 knots you use all the time, then this app is right up your alley. It gives you a large selection of knots in many different sporting categories … and best of all, it is free! Even if you are a seasoned vet, there may be a time when your mine just goes blank or you want to expand your ‘knot-horizons’; this app is for you and we all know that we aren’t getting any younger?

App Stores:

If you care to search for apps other than those listed, here are the two main app store links …

Android –


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