6 Fly Fishing Myths

6 Myths of Fly Fishing is a short piece that I read awhile back as I was sitting, feet up, at home while watching the Olympics…I might add that I just got home from four hours of walking one of my favorite creeks on a hot August day! You will like this piece if you’re a beginner, been at it for a while or the rare expert fly person.
fly fishermanTruth is that fly fishing is just full of myths, so go ahead and give this a read…then sit for a while and give it thought; think back to when you started fly fishing…you probably had all kinds of misconceptions that have either been debunked by others or through painful experience on your own. One quick note or adjustment…while I’d agree that you don’t have to use a big fly to catch big trout…I’ve certainly came to peace with the fact that for smallmouth…often bigger is better if nothing more than the simple fact that while fishing small flies you allow the pesky sunfish, rock bass and other ‘un-wanted’ fish or un-targeted fish to steal food from the smallmouth with which you are pursuing. Now by bigger I don’t mean huge, but a fly large enough to dissuade the smaller guys from eating it. Anyway, give “6 Myths of Fly Fishing” a read as it is a great list for those of us fly-guys at all different levels.

Sorry, but Stillwater Fly Shop has informed us that this article is no longer available on their web site.


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    Thanks Jeff! I appreciate it.

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    You’re welcome…it was a great piece and well written…hoping those who check in here on my site give your tips some consideration…

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