When You’re Hot …

Believe it or not I have kind of become ‘techy’…let’s just say that compared to 5 years ago I have a few toys that frankly I wouldn’t have thought myself capable of understanding or using! I recently purchased a fishing app for my Ipad; it cost me $2.99 and thus far I have only paid for two apps…pretty sure you can blame my parents for my republican frugality…the app is Fish Cal LT and I must say I love it as it provides a bevy of information. Bottom line is that it gives you a percentage based on several factors like moon rising, sun rising, etc…and the higher the percentage the better your chances should be to catch a fish. It is based on the Solunar tables and gives you both minor and major periods of fishing for any given day. If you are a fisherman with a smart device…then I think you would enjoy it. Smallmouth3-31-13024At this point I am doing more research than anything with the app; do I have good luck fishing on days that are supposed to be low percentage days…and vice versa? Easter Sunday of this year, March 31 had a fishing efficiency rating of 25%, not too low but certainly a long ways from the home run shot of 100%.

My gal Vickie had prepared another of her awesome Easter meals and as the afternoon moved forward, the sun grew brighter and my longing for fish and water began to apply pressure on my thinking and by mid-afternoon I caved and asked dad to drop me off so that I could walk one-way, a few miles of one of my favorite creeks. As I walked the few hundred yards down to the creek my mind wandered…”Would today be a good day…was it too soon…was the water still too cool”? Within a few minutes I arrived at my first good hole and cautiously stalked below the pool, stripped off 25 feet of Rio sink tip line from my new 5 weight TQR rod…carefully I false casted a cream colored trout candy fly-careful so as not to spook the pool! The fly landed above the hole and through the clear water I could see it cascade down into the 4 foot deep pool, I gave 3 quick staccato strips with my left hand and watched as the fly disappeared, bang, the tug on the other end sent a shock through my rod hand and there on the other end was my first trophy of the day; a 13 inch emerald colored smallmouth adorned the end of my line. I quickly backed the fish out of the pool and as always took several photos and then released the fish into the smaller pool downstream from me.

Wow…what a start-seems like my fishing app might just be wrong. I decided to try a few more casts…maybe; just maybe I could steal one more nice fish from the pool. Same cast, same drift, strip, strip, bang…no way, sure enough #2 was a brilliant 12 incher who thought he was much bigger than he actually was! Once again, move backwards, take a few photos and ker plunk, back into the lower pool I deposited the second trophy. Surely not….not another, two casts later I snap set on fish #3, (wash, rinse and repeat); 2 more casts and fish #4…now you if you think this is another big fish story, well, I can’t stop you…but let’s just jump to the conclusion, let’s make it simple…I landed 9 smallmouth from a pool that was no larger than 15’X15’. In fact over the course of 30 casts I landed 9 bass and had fish number 10 halfway in before he came unbuttoned! There I stood in the middle of a beautiful afternoon with one of the most dry and wry smiles upon my face and the only thing I could think of was the old country song by Jerry Reed, When You’re Hot…; you know how it goes…when you’re hot you’re hot and when you’re not, you’re not! Smallmouth3-31-13045Simple as that-and if you have fished you understand completely. When it is all going well and the bite is on, well, grab ahold and catch as many as you can!

OK…but 9 fish from 12 to 16 inches from one little pool was almost too much, furthermore I caught all the fish on two flies; a cream colored trout candy and a silver colored trout candy, both on a size 6 hook. If you think the other half of the verse isn’t true (when you’re not…you’re not) then you haven’t fished much because over the past few long and cold winter months I had walked many miles and on two occasions I was on the stream over 5 hours without catching a single fish…so, just like a kid in a candy shop, when it comes together, I pour it on and take no prisoners.

As the afternoon progressed I caught a few more smallies, 15 in total, but I couldn’t shake the fact that what had happened was pretty special…then, there in the back of my mind, continually, over and over was Jerry Reed singing about this special afternoon on an Easter Sunday in March. I have said this many times to many different groups, there are special rewards awaiting those who will get up, get out and get going! Come on and join me this spring as we all Enjoy the Great Outdoors.

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