Video – Cold Weather Smallmouth Fly Fishing Tips – Part 2

The video you are about to view is a follow up to part 1 and is a bit shorter. I have fished through this hole and at this point I am about to leave the bottom portion of the hole. Once again I am using a Cabela’s TQR rod, 5’6”, 4 weight with a WF4 floating line. The fly, as you will see, is a half and half fly in all yellow. I am fishing the fly slowly by dropping it off the shelves and then ticking it across the bottom with small and slow strips. As the fly nears me I raise the rod tip and give it a high stick finish. Watch as I land the fish and you will see that I am pretty patient and allow the fish to play itself out…but not totally as I don’t want a released fish to be exhausted. Another note worth thinking about…I caught this same fish about ¼ mile away back in late summer of 2011. Catch and release is the only way to go. Smallmouth grow slowly, about an inch a year, so the fish on this video is approximately 18 years old and quite a trophy. By releasing him we all can catch him one, two…who knows how many more times.

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