Video – Cold Weather Smallmouth Fly Fishing Tips – Part 1

The video you are about to view is of me fly-fishing for Smallmouth on a small stream in southern Indiana. I am using a Cabela’s TQR rod, 5’6”, 4 weight with WF4 floating line. The stream is up a little as we had rain a couple days in advance. I am also casting a half and half streamer in all yellow which has been very good over the past two weeks. Pay attention to the speed at which I am fishing…allowing the fly to crawl over the bottom. Cold water has the fish lethargic and your presentation has to be subtle and attractive; swim it slowly allowing it to tick across the bottom and be very intent on watching for takes as they may come in various forms from slowing of line, moving of your line to abrupt halts. If you are thinking that there are no fish or it is too cool to fish….probably wrong, they are there you have to make adjustments to your search pattern.

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