Video – Catching Two Smallies (Smallmouth Bass)

The following video was shot with my video glasses in a small stream in Southern Indiana.

I am using a silver, size 6, minnow or shad imitation that I tied that has done very well. The smallies in our area have been feverishly chasing these minnows into the shallows and I have had a lot of luck casting ahead and into the shallows and then making a quick retrieve with short, irregular strips of the fly. When in deeper pools I allow the fly to sink and place it in front of cover before stripping and retrieving the fly…or I cast parallel with the cover and once again make quick erratic strips of the fly, allowing time for the fly, the minnow, to look as though it has died or is in the process of dying.

I think you will find this pattern very effective during July and August when the water in the pools is clear and low as this is the time the bigger fish load up on the small minnows. When you near a pool, take time to look and observe the pool for movement, wakes in the water and for sure…for escaping minnows as this is a no brainer that a big predatory fish is on the hunt. I then take additional time to plan a cast….it doesn’t always work but when it does…the take is fantastic. Good luck to you and many bent rods.

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