Tying Fishing Knots

Hey folks, give this piece a read…especially If you are just getting going in fly fishing. Knots are your last contact point to the fish, to your quarry and if your knots aren’t good…well, let’s be clear…your big fish is just going to swim away. As you read this piece pay attention to the most simple fact…learn a couple knots and get good at those knots; don’t try and learn all of them!

Also, keep in mind that tying knots when it’s warm and there is plenty of light is one thing…doing so when it cold, wet and maybe even low light….well, that’s another issue. This is an excellent source for many questions you might have…so keep it close and refer back to it often…and practice, practice, practice!

Click here to read the article … “Fishing Knot Encyclopedia” by Steve Starling.

Source: Fix.com Blog

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