The Things We See While Fly Fishing

I am always amazed at the variety of wildlife that I experience while in nature and fly-fishing…this past Thursday night I walked about 4 miles of one of my favorite creeks and did very well catching a batch of nice smalliesGeese13022…but as I walked down the stream I ran across a family of geese with 6 young goslings that were about half grown. They stayed ahead of me for a good mile of the creek and we became very comfortable with each other and the video below is pretty simple, but cute and really was a treat for me while fly-fishing.

RookeryOfHerons13010The second part of the video is of a rookery of Herons that I came upon. I first spotted this group last year, but with the foliage intact, you couldn’t get a real first-hand view of just exactly what was up there above you and how many nests were actually there. I am still not sure how many adult birds there were but I would estimate the number being over 100. So, if like me, you love the wildlife of nature along the way….then please enjoy these short videos of some great southern Indiana scenery.

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