Fly Tying – How To Tie A Lemon Shiner

This video shows you how to tie a yellow or lemon shiner. This is a fly that has evolved into a nice late fall or winter smallmouth fly. As you will see this is a brightly colored fly and that is key late in the season when the fish move to deeper pools. It also helps to have a bright fly as I keep my eye on the fly and when it “disappears” I know that I need to strip set the fly…sometimes this is a snag but often it is a smallie.

I like the fly because there is lots of movement and it is fairly neutral; it can be fished by casting into deeper pools and allow the fly to dead drift. An occasional twitch or short strip will elicit a strike and that is what we are after.

The components for the fly are simple with the most important factor being a Gamakatsu 60 degree bend hook…I use a size 2 or 1/0 hook and this seems to work the best. So….give the fly a tie and I think you will like the results.

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