Fly Tying by Megan Boyd – Kiss The Water


This video entitled “Kiss the Water” is maybe just what the doctor ordered as we sit here, late in winter, shoveling out from the late blast of winter. I must say that without my fly tying….these past few weeks would have been almost too much to handle. If you’re not familiar with the tying of female, Scot, Megan Boyd, then this will get you on track. I am no where near her level and don’t take the time that she did…but I am particular in how I do parts of my flies and after watching the video…it became apparent that Megan was probably an A+ personality…at least with her tying. You’ll love the artistry and imagery of the video and it is an awesome hour break from what the winter blues…and before you know it, we will all be strip setting on another great year of fly fishing … Enjoy!

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